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BREAKING NEWS — Remastered B5?

November 24, 2013

Reblogged from Babylon 5 – Some behind the scenes stuff on Facebook: NEWSFLASH (kinda) A remastered Babylon 5 is “being discussed in the highest quarters” at Warner Brothers, according to George Feltenstein – Senior Vice President for Theatrical Catalog Marketing. For those that don’t know – and up until around 10 minutes ago that included …

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#FreeBabylon5 Promo Items Available

November 17, 2013

These are items I’ve had made up with a view to making them available to raise awareness at conventions. They’re in very limited quantities but they’re now going to be made available to fans worldwide for a donation plus postage. For a $15 donation plus postage ($6 US and $24 International (sorry!)), you can choose …

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The time has come…We’ve had time to bask in the victory of WATCH TV showing B5 in reruns. Our website is up and beautiful. Soon we’ll be in the midst of the Thunderclap campaign. But now…it’s time for fundraising. Despite all of the fabulous volunteer labor (Take a bow, Ranger Ben Read), raising awareness of …

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20th Anniversary Books

November 7, 2013

Wow! Our friends at just announced that they’re extending the discount period on the fabulous B5-20 book AND for every book sold in November, they’re donating $10 to #FreeBabylon5. Thanks so much!!

#FreeBabylon5 T-shirts

For those who have been asking for T-shirts, there’s a new design available. These are through Café Press so there’s no problem with international shipping. Note that these are *only* available through November!

Babylon 5 on UK’s Watch

UKTV’s Watch will be showing Babylon 5 from 4th November at 5pm. UKTV has responded to the clarion call we’ve been sending out! Babylon 5 has been freed in the UK. Post by Freebabylon5.