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Join @babylonlurker Jan at Loncon 2014

April 27, 2014

@babylonlurker has let us know that the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention is at London this year! Apparently “Loncon 3 will be a celebration of science fiction in all its forms. We expect well over 7,000 fans to join us at London’s ExCeL centre, along with hundreds of writers, editors, artists, and other professionals from …

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UKTV’s Watch Channel Rerunning B5 From Season 1

April 24, 2014

UKTV’s Watch faithfully re-ran the whole of Babylon 5, including “The Lost Tales”, and finished last week. But … the channel is starting a re-run straight away, weekdays at 5pm. It might be a good opportunity to mention this to newbies or others who might be interested in catching the show for the first time. …

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Can You Spread The Word?

April 13, 2014

More packages of buttons, postcards, calendars and other goodies going out to conventions and volunteers. Got a convention coming up where you might spread the word about the campaign? Send me a message via Facebook. ~Jan

Away Mission, Tampa, FL Report

One of the freebie tables at Away Mission in Tampa, FL. Lots of people are interested in my B5 buttons so it’s easy to start conversations. Made the rounds early and set out goodies on several tables.

#FreeBabylon5 Megacon Orlando Report

April 2, 2014

Megacon was held in Orlando a week ago and some intrepid volunteers handed out buttons and made sure that the freebie tables had a supply of buttons and postcards. Do you have a convention near you soon? Can you hand out some buttons and postcards to spread the word about the #FreeBabylon5 campaign? Message me …

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