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Help Us Fund #FreeBabylon5!

May 29, 2014

I’m a bit hesitant about posting this here but part of the proceeds *will* be going toward this campaign. Or rather, already have. I’ve just ordered 2,000 postcards and the postage to ship out to conventions is mounting up. So if you see something you’re interested in, thanks for your bid! ~ Jan (for some …

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Campaign Update: BayCon & Comicpalooza

Thanks to Ranger Jon and Ranger Phil for distributing #FreeBabylon5 goodies at BayCon and Comicpalooza recently! Word is that folks are happy to get it! Welcome aboard any new folks! Next up I think is Fedcon in Germany. Remember, if you’ll be attending any cons, I’ll be happy to mail you things to hand out …

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FedCon2013 – Dusseldorf Plan

May 19, 2014

@FreeBabylon5-FR have loads planned for FedCon 23: The French #FreeBabylon5 Campaign’s Phase 3 will start within few weeks and this is at the same time the perfect way to boost international campaign. During Fedcon 23, 2 events will take place : -Thursday May 29th 2014 at 12 : 30 pm. Fanmeeting between Babylon 5 fans …

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Meet #FreeBabylon5 at San Diego Comic-Con

May 15, 2014

Convention Season’s in full swing! Many thanks to everybody who’s handed out #FreeBabylon5 buttons and postcards at conventions. #FreeBabylon5 will be going to San Diego Comic-Con in July and we’re hoping to really make an appearance! I’m on a waiting list for a Fan Table and I’ve applied to have a Free Babylon 5 panel …

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Vote Babylon 5 on

Ranger Jan alerted us via Facebook that there’s a poll on pitting TV shows featuring aliens against one another. “Which of these (live action) TV shows visited by beings from other planets is your favourite?” asks the poll. Babylon 5 is currently creeping up on The X-Files with 54 votes to 66, and Doctor …

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Campaign Update May 2014

May 5, 2014

So, how is the campaign going? We thought it would be nice to mention some of the results we’ve been getting from our site analytics recently. This helps us to see where we are with the campaign and also might provide food for thought for those at Warner and other TV stations around the world …

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