Monthly Archives: June 2014

More Ambassadorial Kits Available!

June 30, 2014

Thanks everybody for your support of the Ambassadorial Kits! Now that the key rings are gone, I’ve listed some more kits without them but now you get to *choose* what color dog tag you’d like! BLUE GREEN BLACK RED PURPLE GOLD For now I’m only listing 5 of each color but there may be more …

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More Auctions Starting Friday 10AM (EST)

June 27, 2014

Hi folks! There’s been a lot of interest in the Ambassadorial Pouches and as I mentioned the other day, I’m about to do a few more auctions. (I’m posting this early to reach the most people possible). Two notes: A) these are the *last* pouches that will feature the carabiner keyring as I don’t think …

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Babylon 5 on TV in Germany!

June 26, 2014

More information on the German showing of Babylon 5! Thanks to Rangers Christian and Tir Za! “More details about the upcoming B5-broadcast in Germany have surfaced. Starting 25th of July, Tele 5 will show the whole series (starting with the pilot movie “The Gathering”) weekdays at 4:10 pm (16:10 for all german readers ). Here’s …

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Banners Up!

Banners are going up in San Diego for Comic-Con and ‪#‎FreeBabylon5‬ will be there with a panel! Lots of interest in the Ambassadorial Kits on Ebay. I’ll be able to list *seven* more of them that will include the keyrings. Stay tuned or watch seller name freebabylon5 Fundraising is holding at 60% of our $1500 …

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Donations Reach 60%!!

June 21, 2014

Wouldn’t it be great if only we could add those together and get 100% of our SDCC fundraising goal? Well, we can’t but to update you, so far donations equal $603.18 or 40.2% and with the matching funds from ‘Moose’, our total so far is $904.77 or 60.3%. We can make it with *your* help! …

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Donations Now 50% Matched!

June 18, 2014

Donations to the #FreeBabylon5 SDCC fund thru June 30 are now *matched* 50%! This means that for whatever you donate, a kind Ranger has agreed to match 50% of that donation to us! #FreeBabylon5 still needs your help to shine at the San Diego Comic Con… and now whatever you give is worth much more… …

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SDCC Table Update

June 12, 2014

Good news/bad news today. The good news is that we’ve reached 24% our our fundraising goal! AND I may have some even better news later in the week. Know that any donation, large or small is welcome and put to good use. Bad news…though pretty much expected, San Diego Comic-Con released its list of Fan …

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Give Babylon 5

We had a great idea a while back and it might be a good time for it now. If you know somebody who might be a potential new fan, why not give them the gift of B5? The WB shop has great prices on season sets of the show right now. It’s a small way …

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FedCon23 Update

Jan Andersen was at FEDCON23 last week and shared some of his photos of some of the wonderful B5 costumes and the flashmob event. Ranger Jan also distributed #FreeBabylon5 buttons and postcards for the second time. Thanks, Jan!

21% of Goal Reached!

June 8, 2014

In only 48 hours you all have donated 21% of our goal! Many thanks! PayPal any amount, large or small to help us make a splash at San Diego Comic-Con.