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In LA? Want to see B5 on the big screen?

July 31, 2014

JMS has posted this on his Fans of J Michael Straczynski Facebook page: Post by Fans of J. Michael Straczynski.

SDCC Report

July 30, 2014

Aaannd San Diego Comic-Con is over. I handed out about 1,000 posttcards and 800 buttons and 250 badge ribbons and 150 letters to be sent by fans and 50 lanyards and lots of temporary tattoos and a bunch of the Perspective magazine that the Art Direcot’s Guild allowed us to pass out for free. It …

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Babylon 5 Movie Details

July 27, 2014

Saturday at San Diego Comic-Con (or the day JMS announced that he’ll do a B5 movie). I got there at a good time, not long after the con opened at 10:00 AM. A little surprisingly, the mezzanine didb’t really seem too much busier than other days so far except for the food area being busier. …

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JMS Writing Babylon 5 Movie!

It’s official! This was just posted by Jan moderating the FreeBabylon5 Facebook page and JMSNews concurrently: “More detail later as I listen to the recording but it’s CONFIRMED that JMS will write a BABYLON 5 feature film in 2015 for production in 2016 with or without Warner Bros” Here’s the full post: Post by Freebabylon5. …

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Babylon 5 on Italian Sky Channel

July 25, 2014

We’re a bit behind posting this but Babylon 5 has recently commenced airing on Italy’s Sky TV channel. Details here: This brings the grand total to three TV networks worldwide (as far as we know) running the show. #FreeBabylon5 is blazing a trail !

B5 News on Saturday?

JMS has posted this to his Facebook page: Post by Fans of J. Michael Straczynski. Gah, this is killing me.

SDCC Panel News

The panel this morning went well, I thought. The room wasn’t quite full but I think there were probably close to 100 people. There was some good interaction and questions and at least a couple of things I need to follow up on, one of which might be really huge. I’ll keep you posted. No, …

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No Surrender, No Retreat

July 15, 2014

Okay peeps. Here’s the deal. We’re attaching a list of TV stations that we’d like to direct people’s attention to in the run up to and during Comic-Con. Some of them have been listed before, and we’re grateful for those who have taken the time to write them already. The mission is to do all …

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Babylon 5 Retrospective

JMS tweeted this link the other day: Nice little retrospective squib about Babylon 5… — JMichael Straczynski (@straczynski) July 3, 2014 We’re regretfully unable to link to every article about Babylon 5 we hear about, but this one touches a particular cord that we can empathise with. Please let us know if there are …

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SDCC Panel: “The Art of Babylon 5”

There’s even more Babylon 5 content at San Diego Comic-Con! “The Art of Babylon 5” Members of the iconic show’s art department, under production designer John Iacovelli, with art director Mark-Louis Walters, art director Roland Rosenkranz, graphic artist Alan Kobayashi, and concept artist and set designer Timothy Earls, reunite to discuss how they were able …

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