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New Resource for the Letter Writing Campaign

August 31, 2014

I just found a *great* resource for contacting North American TV stations to ask them to show Babylon 5! With just a few clicks, you can locate the TV stations serving your area and contact them to ask for B5. Here’s the letter I’m sending out to all of the stations in my area …

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Storytelling Tips from Babylon 5: Ending an Epic

August 29, 2014

This is part of a series about storytelling techniques for epic fantasy. I’m drawing my examples from the 1990s sci-fi TV show Babylon 5. If you’ve never seen it, that shouldn’t affect the validity or usefulness of my storytelling tips. If you do want to see the show, you can probably find it on Netflix or …

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#FreeBabylon5 at Loncon3 and other conventions

August 26, 2014

This is a personal account of my (Babylon Lurker’s) attendance of Loncon3 also known as Worldcon 2014. Since I live in the Netherlands this was the first Worldcon I have had available near me since I started to go to conventions. I met Jan M Schroeder at Phoenix Comicon 2013 and Space City Con 2014, …

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Fan Interview – Annette

August 24, 2014

Annette, much like me, is a fan who is not exactly “new”, but she hasn’t been a fan from the very beginning either.  Many of the fans I have become acquainted with over the past year can make this particular claim – Not First Ones, but ordinary flesh and blood folks, fighting in the Army …

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Long-time Fan Interview: Michael

August 18, 2014

As well as attracting new fans, Babylon 5 is a show that has the ability to keep the interest of long time fans, even those that have been watching from the very first time it aired (the First Ones, I like to call them). Many long time fans have rewatched the show over and over …

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Babylon 5 Back on UK’s Watch Channel!

August 12, 2014

(Via Babylon 5 will be back on UK’s WATCH  on September 15th! More information can be found on the Watch Channel’s Babylon 5 page! There’s a Babylon 5 quiz there too!

New Fan Interview: Dave

August 11, 2014

Following on from my interview with Ems last week, another new fan that I had the chance to interview recently is Dave. David Heron, who is called Dave by his friends, is 25 and from Dublin. He is a lifetime lover of Sci-Fi Shows. He started with Star Trek: TNG and then continued to watch …

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Shout out for #FreeBabylon5 from JMS

August 10, 2014

(Via JMS gave a shout out to our #FreeBabylon5 campaign while answering a fan’s question during the Spotlight panel at San Diego Comic-Con! The transcript can be found below:   Question from a fan: Can you tell us a little bit about the situation with the Babylon 5 streaming rights? How can we make …

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B5 Movie News: Announcement Transcript

August 8, 2014

Jan Schroeder has posted a transcript of the B5 Movie Announcement on the JMS News Forums. Here’s the post in full, where JMS outlines details of the show and answers some questions from the audience: Visit the forum to read the post.

Rare B5 Signed Photo Raffle

Claudia Christian is holding a raffle of a rare photo of the cast of Babylon 5 with 27 autographs in aid of The C3 Foundation. Each donation made of $25 through PayPal with the comment “B5 Photo” counts as one entry. Apply here: Post by Claudia Christian.