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WonderCon 2015: The Art Dept of Babylon 5 Reunites

March 30, 2015

B5 fans going to WonderCon in AnaheimCA next week, here’s a chance to hear about the art of Babylon 5 from John Iacovelli, and several other team members next Saturday: The Art Department of Babylon 5 Reunites Fans will have a chance to hear from the people responsible for the look of this iconic show. …

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Fedcon24 Babylon 5 Facebook Group

March 29, 2015

Convention season planning is well underway for Babylon 5 fans everywhere! Long-time fan Annette has set up a Facebook group for Fedcon24, announcing on Twitter: “If you’re a Babylon5 fan and planning to attend FedCon24 [21 – 24 May ’15] in Dusseldorf, Germany join our group on facebook: If you’re planning to go, why …

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Vote for Z’ha’dum on Pluto

March 25, 2015

Now here’s an idea – how about we get a feature on Pluto named Z’ha’dum when the New Horizons spacecraft flies past it?? It’s already on the ballot under ‘Mythology and the Underworld’ You can vote every day. Let’s get people looking to the skies and wondering about this strange word gracing Pluto!

Sense8 to Premier on Netflix

March 24, 2015

Mark your calendars! for Friday June 5. 95 days from now, “Sense8”, the original TV show co-written by JMS and Andy and Lana Wachowski will premier on Netflix. This is the Wachowski’s first TV show and the first new TV from JMS since 2004 (Jeremiah). Source

B5 Books on Twitter

March 1, 2015

One of the main purposes of the ‪#‎FreeBabylon5‬ movement is to remind the public about Babylon 5 and keep it in the public consciousness. The folks at B5 Books ( ) have been doing a great job of keeping the B5 legacy alive with books of scripts, chronologies JMS posts and, most recently, a …

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