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Walter Koenig on Reddit

December 15, 2015

Walter Koenig, one of Babylon5’s most versatile and rounded-out villains (depending on your point of view…), recently discussed his role on the show on Reddit. Koenig is making his last appearance as Pavel Chekov from Star Trek in the Kickstarter-funded Star Trek: Renegades, which actually looks like a great new angle on the otherwise rather …

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IMDB Poll: Favourite TV Episode

IMDB Is holding a poll for your favourite TV Episodes. Among those in the list are episodes from Game of Thrones, Sherlock and Poirot, if that’s your thing. Let’s keep B5 alive in memory! Two *great* episodes are in this IMDb poll – Sleeping in Light and Interludes and Examinations: Vote for Babylon 5 here

JMS to Helm ‘Red Mars’ TV Series

So I’m a bit behind posting this, having been on an extended hiatus from the #FreeBabylon5 campaign (sorry to regulars who have missed these updates!): SpikeTV has announced that JMS is to be not just writer, but as Executive Producer on the series as well. As you may remember, Straczynski was executive producer on Babylon …

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