Monthly Archives: March 2017

Movie / Reboot: WB Is Out

March 21, 2017

Somehow I missed this news, but a thread on the Babylon 5 group on Facebook referenced a tweet by JMS in January this year where he quoted a Warner Bros executive as saying “We have no plans” to do anything B5 “ever”. Here’s that tweet: @Whyrusss @WBHomeEnt WB TV Exec to my agent: "We have …

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New B5 Render by Mojo

March 11, 2017

Wow wow wow! What a wonderful surprise to wake up to in the UK this morning! Adam “Mojo” Lebowitz has created this wonderful new render of the Babylon 5 station—and it’s awesome! Here’s Mojo’s post on his Facebook page: And here’s the link to the uncompressed png graphic file. As you may have heard, Mojo hasn’t been …

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