Let WB Know You’re a Fan!

By ISA Office of Public Information on Thursday, April, 20th 2017 in Campaign Initiatives

When I posted a while back, I mentioned that the #FreeBabylon5 campaign had two goals: – to get B5 available in reruns and/or subscription streaming AND – to keep B5 alive in people’s minds As I’m sure most people know by now, B5 is available in the US for free streaming on the Go90 site …

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Request Babylon 5 on Netflix

By ISA Office of Public Information on Sunday, February, 12th 2017 in Campaign Initiatives, Where to Watch B5

“I just found out that Netflix has a new page to help make suggestions for your favorite shows easy to suggest,” says Babylon 5 fan Mike Tomas via our Facebook page. “So Let’s get started making the suggestions for Babylon 5!” Well, what are you waiting for?! Request Babylon 5 on Netflix here!

Digital Spy Poll: Let’s Keep B5 at No.1

By ISA Office of Public Information on Thursday, June, 30th 2016 in Campaign Initiatives

Wow, this is quite an incredible achievement. In Digital Spy’s poll of the “greatest Science Fiction show of all time”, Babylon 5 is currently ahead of Doctor Who, Firefly and the original series of Star Trek … but not by much! Help keep Babylon 5 in the public’s eye by adding your vote here!

New Resource for the Letter Writing Campaign

By ISA Office of Public Information on Sunday, August, 31st 2014 in Campaign Initiatives, Uncategorized

I just found a *great* resource for contacting North American TV stations to ask them to show Babylon 5! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lists_of_television_stations_in_North_America With just a few clicks, you can locate the TV stations serving your area and contact them to ask for B5. Here’s the letter I’m sending out to all of the stations in my area …

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Ambassadorial Pouches Available again on Ebay!

By ISA Office of Public Information on Tuesday, August, 5th 2014 in Campaign Initiatives

(via www.facebook.com/FreeBabylon5) They’re back! The popular #FreeBabylon5 Ambassadorial Pouch is available on Ebay again and you can choose what color dog tag you’d like. Each ‘pouch’ contains: – ¬†Three (3) Free Babylon 5 lanyards – perfect for con badges or work IDs – ¬†One (1) #FreeBabylon5 dog tag with both 20″ and keychain chains – …

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July Site Analytics

By ISA Office of Public Information on Monday, August, 4th 2014 in Campaign Initiatives

So july was a pretty good month for the campaign. Wasn’t it great to see the past years’ efforts really reach a crescendo at the San Diego Comic Con, with the announcement from JMS that he’s going to write and produce a Babylon 5 movie under the banner of Studio JMS? The affect on the …

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