New B5 Render by Mojo

By ISA Office of Public Information on Saturday, March, 11th 2017 in Crew News, VFX News

Wow wow wow! What a wonderful surprise to wake up to in the UK this morning! Adam “Mojo” Lebowitz has created this wonderful new render of the Babylon 5 station—and it’s awesome! Here’s Mojo’s post on his Facebook page: And here’s the link to the uncompressed png graphic file. As you may have heard, Mojo hasn’t been …

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Why There’s No Blu-Ray Edition

By ISA Office of Public Information on Sunday, February, 12th 2017 in Blu-ray / HD news, VFX News

A really in-depth article on Trek News [link here] about why Star Trek: Deep Space Nine isn’t going to be available in HD any time soon has been doing the rounds. I’ve just spent about 20 minutes trying to figure out how to summarise it, but … I really can’t, it’s too complicated. I’m afraid …

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Mojo’s Last Wishes

By ISA Office of Public Information on Wednesday, January, 6th 2016 in Community News, Crew News, VFX News

As fans who care about the show and all those who created it, when we hear that someone from the team who made the show possible is suffering, it really strikes us to the heart. Adam “Mojo” Leibowitz is one of those people who are going through a very rough time right now. Mojo worked …

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The Art of Babylon 5

By ISA Office of Public Information on Friday, August, 1st 2014 in Crew News, VFX News

Want to know more about the work that went into the art and set design of Babylon 5? Here’s a video clip of the Art Directors Guild Panel from the San Diego Comic Con 2014. Participants include production designer John Iacovelli, art director Mark-Louis Walters, concept artist and set designer Timothy Earlsart, and graphic artist …

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