Ron Thornton Passes Away

By ISA Office of Public Information on Tuesday, November, 22nd 2016 in Crew News

Finding it hard to write this. Another great founding father of Babylon 5 has passed away today. I’m reposting this from the page: “I am grieved to tell you that Ron Thornton has passed away this evening. Ron has meant so much to so many of us over the years; he is indeed a …

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B5 Cosplay site on Tumblr!

By ISA Office of Public Information on Thursday, October, 6th 2016 in Articles from the Community, Community News

Bob from Wisconsin just posted this site to one of the Babylon 5 Facebook groups, and I thought it was worthy of mentioning on the site: a Tumblr for Babylon 5 cosplay! The blog has been going for a while, and as a result contains some great costumes and makeup by dedicated fans around the …

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We Did It!

By ISA Office of Public Information on Thursday, October, 6th 2016 in Community News

… well, very nearly anyway. A recent poll by website Digital Spy has been collated and revealed that Babylon 5 is the 2nd most popular science fiction show of all time, narrowly losing out to Doctor Who by a very small margin. And personally, I don’t begrudge the Good Doctor his first place: Full article …

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Ron Thornton Needs Our Help

By ISA Office of Public Information on Saturday, September, 17th 2016 in Crew News

Ran across this link. Most of you know that Ron Thornton was a visual effects designer on B5. Without him, the show might well not have been possible. I don’t know any details but apparently he’s in the hospital in critical condition. There’s a GoFundMe page here: Quote: Ron Thornton is one of the …

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Thoughts on Jerry Doyle’s Passing

By ISA Office of Public Information on Friday, July, 29th 2016 in Actor News

It’s with great sadness that we report that Jerry Doyle has passed away at the age of 60. A great actor, and a really strong character in real life as in the show, Jerry will be sadly missed. Joe Straczynski has posted an article on the news site Jerry founded, Epic Times, to share his …

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Digital Spy Poll: Let’s Keep B5 at No.1

By ISA Office of Public Information on Thursday, June, 30th 2016 in Campaign Initiatives

Wow, this is quite an incredible achievement. In Digital Spy’s poll of the “greatest Science Fiction show of all time”, Babylon 5 is currently ahead of Doctor Who, Firefly and the original series of Star Trek … but not by much! Help keep Babylon 5 in the public’s eye by adding your vote here!

Claudia Christian Back in Sci-Fi

By ISA Office of Public Information on Thursday, June, 30th 2016 in Actor News

Barnes & Noble have just announced Claudia Christian’s first foray into SF writing with her debut novel “Wolf’s Empire: Gladiator”. Below is B&N’s introduction to the planned series: “In this alternate far-future world, the Roman Empire never fell, and over the millennia, it has expanded its borders beyond Earth and out into the depths of …

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Rising Stars Movie Announced

By ISA Office of Public Information on Sunday, June, 19th 2016 in Crew News

In typical JMS fashion, this post appeared on the “Fans of J. Michael Straczynski” Facebook group at the beginning of June: Naturally, fans of Babylon 5 were seriously hoping this would be an announcement relating to the long-awaited reboot of Babylon 5, however, about a week later, the news broke that MGM has optioned to …

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Babylon 5 Movie Still Planned

By ISA Office of Public Information on Friday, June, 10th 2016 in Movie / Reboot News

It’s been very quiet on the Movie News front for the first half of 2016, but recently in an interview with Awards Daily, show creator JMS has indicated that his plans for a feature movie that would reboot the series, is still planned for some time in the near future. How near? Well, if you …

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