How to send a letter to a TV station, to Warner Bros. or to anybody you’re asking to re-run Babylon 5:

  • Be polite and maybe a little formal. This is a business letter. If you can find a name of the head of programming, great. Otherwise address it to the station or Programming Director.
  • Don’t just copy and paste somebody else’s letter, change it and make it unique to you.
  • Give reasons why showing B5 would be good for them and their advertisers.
  • Be brief but informative.
  • Include some demographic information about yourself, whatever you feel comfortable with: age, sex, educational level, income level, type of job etc.
  • Always hand-sign the letter. Many also believe that hand addressing the envelope helps prevent the impression of a mass, machine-processed campaign.

SAMPLE LETTER ELEMENTS – Use these to help you compose an original letter. Obvious copy/paste letters will be disregarded by the people you’re trying to reach.

Download Letter Samples

Download Letter Elements

Dear Ms. [Television Station Executive]:
This letter is to bring your attention to a show that I think would be a good match for your station. Since [call letters] shows programs of high quality such as [insert a couple of titles], you might want to consider adding Babylon 5 to your station’s line-up.

Dear Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution:

In response to the several recent references to Babylon 5 on hit shows such as Breaking Bad and The Big Bang Theory, a lot of fans have been talking and realized that the show simply isn’t available in re-runs on television anywhere in the USA and possibly even the world. With these high-profile mentions, we’d like to be able to point our friends and acquaintances to where they can sample it. This letter is to request that you make the show available to TV stations everywhere rather than the few, expensive and limited places that it can presently be found.

Dear Mr. Sarandos (Head of Content at Netflix):
I’m writing this letter as part of a group of fans interested in seeing the cult favorite show Babylon 5 return to Netflix. With recent high profile mentions of the show on Breaking Bad and The Big Bang Theory, we’d like to be able to point to your service as an easily accessed and affordable way to experience the show.

In 2013 Babylon 5 celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the premier of the pilot movie, The Gathering. Last May, at a science fiction and comic convention in Phoenix, AZ, thousands of fans gathered to see a reunion of many of the cast and the creator of the show, J. Michael Straczynski. Babylon 5 fans are still passionate about the show and eager to be able to share it with their friends and acquaintances by pointing them to a convenient and free place to sample the show.

You may have heard references to Babylon 5 recently on such hit shows as Breaking Bad and The Big Bang Theory. People everywhere are looking around right now to find this show that’s being talked about by their favorite characters. Unfortunately, it’s not currently available on television, only via high-priced sites such as Amazon or by investing in DVDs.

A five-year saga, the Babylon 5 universe is composed of 110 episodes, six feature-length movies and a short spin-off series, Crusade. This material would afford your station many opportunities for event programming to draw in new viewers as well as attract the loyal Babylon 5 fans that are already in your viewing area.

To let you know more about me, I’m a [ ___ ] year old [ insert profession ] who enjoys [ insert hobbies ]. I enjoy watching [ insert programs that you like, both current and re-runs ]. If your station adds Babylon 5 to its programming, you can be sure that I’ll be tuning in and pointing all of my friends to your channel as well.