B5 Events: Behind-The-Scenes Extravaganza!

B5 Events, a company owned by Babylon 5 alumni Patricia Tallman, is organising a "behind the scenes" convention:

Her post on Facebook says:

"Join me, Jason Davis and a stellar crew from Babylon 5 talking Behind The Scenes! Stories you have never heard, insights, jokes and well...who knows? March 20th, 10am the Main Event starts! Register for tickets at B5Events.com"

General admission is $49.99 with early bird tickets at £10 off the general admission price.

B5 Events'  online celebrity events star some of the most beloved, iconic performers in genre entertainment today.  Join us to nerd-out with a warm and fun community of fans as we chat with these talented entertainers, and each other, sharing inspiration and hope and a LOT of laughs!

Original Facebook post


Published on 25 February, 2021

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