Babylon 5 is a game-changing, ground breaking, emmy-award winning TV series that is in danger of becoming lost and forgotten.

We are not going to let that happen. Please join us and help #FreeBabylon5

JMS to Live stream B5 Reactions

This is a cool idea. Who would like to watch the series along with it's creator, pointing out plot points, discussing the production, and recalling interactions with cast & crew? I'd pay for that. > So I'm looking into doing livestream reaction videos to B5 episodes (and maybe some of the film work) for the folks on my Patreon page...researching programs that'll do that but most seem to use youtube links for the source not DVDs. Is there a program y'all would recommend? — J. Michael Straczyns

Babylon 5 back on in Germany

Ranger Marion reports that B5 is showing again on Tele 5 channel in Germany. Thanks for the information!

The Reconstruction of Fallen Stars

Hello. When I began this project at the start of the campaign, I was so pleased Jan allowed me to build this site. It has proved to be a pivotal part of the campaign to #FreeBabylon5, and continues to be a key part of that ongoing desire that we Lurkers have. As the years have gone by, I've striven to keep the site relevant with new content and to update the look and feel so that you always feel you want to come back and see what's going on with the campaign. However, it's been a bit neglecte

The BABYLON 5 Preservation Project

2 days ago, Jason Davis, writer, editor for Harlan Ellison and Babylon 5 historian, launched a Kickstarter campaign "Preserve the history of BABYLON 5 using archival paperwork and interviews with cast and crew to create a definitive making-of book." Twitter account @B5News has been promoting this project, and I'm really hoping you can back it too: The Babylon 5 Preservation Project on Kickstarter []

20th Anniversary Commemoration

Via JMSNews Facebook page This coming Sunday, Nov. 25, 2018 will mark the 20th anniversary of the B5 finale, "Sleeping in Light" airing for the first time. Would love to hear if anybody plans to commemorate this date in B5 history. > This coming Sunday, Nov. 25, 2018 will mark the 20th anniversary of the B5 finale, "Sleeping in Light" airing for the first time. Would love to hear if anybody plans to commemorate this date in B5 history. Posted by [

B5 Back on TV in the UK!

Boy oh boy, it seems as if we're making some noise. Babylon 5 will start showing on UK's Sky One channel from 9:00am Mon 29 Oct. It's also showing on several other channels across Sky's network, including Sky HD. Although that one's hard to figure out, since no HD version exists. Full listings are here: TV Guide - Babylon 5 []

Babylon 5 To Show on Comet TV in US

Along with some other classic sci fi series, Comet TV in the US will shortly start showing Babylon 5: > COMET ALERT! *** COMET ALERT! *** BABYLON 5 & SPACE 1999 ARE COMING TO COMET! The true home of science fiction television brings these classic series back to the airwaves! Space Out! #BABYLON5 [] #SPACE1999 [] #SCIFI [

Petition Warner Brothers for B5 in HD!

Fellow lurker Jay Fubler Harvey has started a campaign on since we found out that Warner Brothers probably have the master negatives in storage somewhere. A recent tweet by series creator J Michael Straczynski states: "But at the end of each season we were required to transfer all digital assets direct to film, frame by frame, so Warners could have a version that could be used across all later formats. That version, with pristine CG and live action, has never seen the light of day."

Babylon 5 Now on Amazon Prime in US!

It's June 1 and Amazon Prime is now carrying Babylon 5 - but apparently only in the US (with a glitch). Non-US folks, today is the perfect day to contact Amazon in your region and ask for Babylon 5! It's a good bet that they're aware of what new shows have just come on in other regions so hearing from you now is perfect timing. US folks, Today's also the perfect day to contact Amazon to thank them for B5 - and remind them that season 3 needs the switch flipped to make it included in Prime - a

Keep Your Eye on JMS Twitter Account

Hot off the press, JMS has decided to use his Twitter account as a central hub for discussing Babylon 5. The account, which he has used to communicate with fans for years, has recently seen a lot of posts about Babylon 5 with some of the questions we've had relating to different aspects of the show. We even had a few inside insights into why certain decisions were made about casting, direction and studio intervention. 1. Had a fun idea. With #Babylon5 [

Babylon 5 on Amazon Prime!

From a variety of sources comes this exciting news fans of Babylon 5 have been waiting for for years ... Babylon 5 will soon be showing on Amazon Prime! Show creator JMS only found out when the rest of the world did, but posted the news straight to his Twitter feed, others also started tweeting at a similar time. Sonuvagun...all five seasons of Babylon 5 will begin streaming on Amazon Prime next month. At last it's someplace where people can actually see the freaking thing and newcomers can fi

25 Years On

Babylon 5 is now officially 25 years old. The @b5news Twitter account [] tweeted this: "Babylon 5's pilot movie, The Gathering, first aired on February 22, 1993." In response JS tweeted the following, thanking the fans and well wishers on the occasion: > Thanks for all the good thoughts, everyone...hard to believe it's been 25 years. Very proud to have introduced the first American TV series with a five-year arc, a storytelling technique that has subsequently become a

Blu-ray / HD Edition

Its is very unlikely that a blu-ray or hi definition version of Babylon 5 could ever be created. This recent discussion hilights the problem:

Why there's no blu-ray Edition

There is, however a remastered edition

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