BREAKING NEWS — Remastered B5?

Posted on: 24 November, 2013

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A remastered Babylon 5 is “being discussed in the highest quarters” at Warner Brothers, according to George Feltenstein – Senior Vice President for Theatrical Catalog Marketing.

For those that don’t know – and up until around 10 minutes ago that included me – there’s a podcast Mr Feltenstein runs where he discusses some of the stuff which Warner Home Video is up to – including remastering classic movies and tv shows. Here’s an extract right from the end of this weeks highlights.

“Babylon 5 is an extraordinarily important franchise to all of Warner Brothers. So much so that it is of course very much on the minds at everybody at Warner home video, and bringing Babylon 5 to a next generation shall we say, is very much on the minds of everyone involved. The fact that the show was post produced on video tape and FX were done on video tape makes bringing another iteration a very expensive proposition. But it is being discussed in the highest of quarters.”

So are like you saying there might be a blue shift in the stars.

“There might be hope, but there is nothing to report that’s a fact. Lets just say that the powers that be are very smart and they know the fan desire is out there.”

Here’s the link – B5 is mentioned right at the end in reply to a question sent in by a listener.


Genuine thanks to Paul Ryan, for highlighting that link and what was discussed.

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