#FreeBabylon5 Promo Items Available

Posted on: 17 November, 2013

These are items I’ve had made up with a view to making them available to raise awareness at conventions. They’re in very limited quantities but they’re now going to be made available to fans worldwide for a donation plus postage.

For a $15 donation plus postage ($6 US and $24 International (sorry!)), you can choose any 3 items as noted in the photo description. (For example, you can get a Purple and Black badge ribbon, three small buttons and one lanyard OR a Blue key ring, five calendars and a large button OR any other combination of three items you like).

Want some of everything? You can have it all for a $30 donation plus postage (same as above).

Sorry but right now I can only do PayPal. You can use the donation button on the website or use email freebabylon5@aol.com. Be sure to send a note along as to your color choices.

Some quantities are very limited so I reserve the right to ask you to make a different choice if something runs out.


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