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Posted on: 25 July, 2014

The panel this morning went well, I thought. The room wasn’t quite full but I think there were probably close to 100 people. There was some good interaction and questions and at least a couple of things I need to follow up on, one of which might be really huge. I’ll keep you posted.

No, JMS didn’t make a surprise visit but a couple of the folks who’ll be involved with the Art of Babylon 5 panel came by to show support and distribute copies of the Perspective magazine with the John Iacovelli article in it to the panel attendees.

One small disappointment was that I didn’t get the volunteers I needed for the small subversiveness I’d planned for getting some attention from any WB execs at the con. I had 24 little candy jars filled with MMs that read ‘Free Babylon 5’ and asked for volunteers to visit the WB booth at some point during the con, ask for somebody in charge and drop off the candy and one or our ‘Voice of the Resistance’ postcards. Only about half of them were taken. I’ll manage to get them there anyhow and I just got an email from a fan willing to make multiple trips.

Spent the rest of the day at the fan table and got to talk to quite a few interested folks. Hopefully it’ll result in lots of website hits and letter writing. Oh, and I’ve learned that temporary tattoos don’t last long when you’re all sweaty. Who knew?

Looking forward to the rest of the con. I’ll report back more as things happen, but likely only once per day when I get back from the con.


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