No Surrender, No Retreat

Posted on: 15 July, 2014

Okay peeps. Here’s the deal.

We’re attaching a list of TV stations that we’d like to direct people’s attention to in the run up to and during Comic-Con. Some of them have been listed before, and we’re grateful for those who have taken the time to write them already.

The mission is to do all that you can to reach these TV stations and ask POLITELY that they consider airing Babylon 5 on their TV channels. Something along the lines of our letter writing guide would probably do it.

Although we’ve included the eMail contact forms here, please keep mailing them as well.

Retro TV


Contact page:


This TV


FAQ/Contact page



Antenna TV


Contact page:


Space TV (Canada)


For programming questions or comments, email space@space.ca


Me TV Network


Contact page:


Thanks again for all your support. With so much Babylon 5 related happening at the San Diego Comic Con, this is a great opportunity to raise the profile of the campaign!


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