Babylon 5 isn’t on the air that often these days, so you might want to check out Amazon Video, iTunes or other suppliers in your country. We’re campaigning for Netflix to add Babylon 5 to their catalogue, so [please request it now!]

United States

In April 2017 we heard that Go90 streaming service from Verizon will stream Babylon 5 as part of a deal with Warner Bros.

US TV channel Comet TV has been showing The Lost Tales as well. Please tell us if this is still happening.


TV stations in the UK, New Zealand and Germany have recently aired all 5 seasons. Please let us know if you hear of anywhere else that’s showing the series!

Let us know!

We’ll try to keep you updated when we hear of airings. In the meantime, keep in touch via our Facebook page, as it’s likely that announcements will be made there first!


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