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Announcing The Babylon 5 FAQ & Urban Legends Facebook page

March 18, 2016

Announcing a new Babylon 5 page: The Babylon 5 FAQ & Urban Legends page! Wondering about that B5 movie? How to spell an alien name? Babylon 5 is a complex show with a lot of history and there are some questions that come up regularly. Here’s a page where we address a number of them. …

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Mojo’s Last Wishes

January 6, 2016

As fans who care about the show and all those who created it, when we hear that someone from the team who made the show possible is suffering, it really strikes us to the heart. Adam “Mojo” Leibowitz is one of those people who are going through a very rough time right now. Mojo worked …

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Walter Koenig on Reddit

December 15, 2015

Walter Koenig, one of Babylon5’s most versatile and rounded-out villains (depending on your point of view…), recently discussed his role on the show on Reddit. Koenig is making his last appearance as Pavel Chekov from Star Trek in the Kickstarter-funded Star Trek: Renegades, which actually looks like a great new angle on the otherwise rather …

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