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JMS: “In 2015 we are going to blow the doors off the television business.”

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JMS has posted this on his Facebook fan page. We’re reproducing it because JMS highlights some of the groundbreaking work done on Babylon 5 which will no doubt be of interest to fans here: Post by Fans of J. Michael Straczynski. Anyone else anxiously waiting for the debut of Sense8?

One Year On

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We’ve almost reached the one year mark for the #FreeBabylon5 campaign. Here’s a little recap of what we have achieved in that time. In The Beginning Remember that time hit TV show Breaking Bad referenced Babylon 5? That was a good day. But it was a little sad to be a running joke in TV series Read More

Star Wars and Jupiter Ascending – A Welcome Return to Space Opera

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Space Opera – large, sweeping epic stories set in space — have taken a back seat in recent cinema and TV history, but they’re set to make a welcome return. How will this affect the new Babylon 5 movie? Unless you’ve been living under a rock — and especially because you’re visiting this website — Read More

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