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Ron Thornton Passes Away

November 22, 2016

Finding it hard to write this. Another great founding father of Babylon 5 has passed away today. I’m reposting this from the page: “I am grieved to tell you that Ron Thornton has passed away this evening. Ron has meant so much to so many of us over the years; he is indeed a …

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B5 Cosplay site on Tumblr!

October 6, 2016

Bob from Wisconsin just posted this site to one of the Babylon 5 Facebook groups, and I thought it was worthy of mentioning on the site: a Tumblr for Babylon 5 cosplay! The blog has been going for a while, and as a result contains some great costumes and makeup by dedicated fans around the …

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We Did It!

… well, very nearly anyway. A recent poll by website Digital Spy has been collated and revealed that Babylon 5 is the 2nd most popular science fiction show of all time, narrowly losing out to Doctor Who by a very small margin. And personally, I don’t begrudge the Good Doctor his first place: Full article …

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