Come for the show, stay for the community.

Even now, 25 years later, the show boasts a loyal fan following. From audio podcasts to forums and fan sites, here are a few places where you'll be able to connect with fans new and old.

#FreeBabylon5 on Facebook

Moderated by long-time fan Jan, many campaigners and other fans have liked this page to keep up to date with the latest news and to coordinate campaign initiatives.#FreeBabylon5 on Facebook

Babylon 5 on Facebook

One of the larger group of fans who discuss the show incessantly ... but mostly debate about whether they're green or purple.Babylon 5 Facebook Page

The Lurker's Guide

The earliest (?) Babylon 5 site on the net. The Lurker's Guide is a storehouse of information about the show.Lurker's Guide

JMS News

Where it all started (almost). until November 2010, JMS would post replies to the newsgroup, and the posts were collated on this website. A fan community built up on the forums at this site, and fans still post there. Unlike Sigma 957, they shouldn not walk there alone.JMSNews

ISN News

ISN News is a fan run web site network, which provides all the latest news and information about two of the best and most popular science fiction TV series - Babylon 5 and Crusade.ISN News

Gateworld Forum

Although Gateworld is a StarGate forum, they have a Babylon 5 thread and many members who enjoy both series.Gateworld Forum


Star Trek Bulletein board. This site often gets referrals from TrekBBS so they must chat about babylon 5 there too.TrekBBS

B5 Encyclopedia

Someone has made a valiant effort to put this together. The Babylon 5 Encyclopedia escaped my notice until only recently...

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There are a number of audio and video podcasters re-watching and commenting on Babylon 5. Here's a list of the ones we know about.

A Dream Given Form

It was the dawn of the third age of podcasting... A DREAM GIVEN FORM...Your hosts, Luke Winch & Baz Greenland, joined by special guests, discuss every episode of J. Michael Straczynski's classic 1990s science-fiction saga BABYLON-5, extended media and much much more.A proud part of the We Made This podcast network.



On Yum Yum Podcast the hosts Ryan and Rachel Sliwinski try to re-watch and breakdown episodes of Babylon 5 and Star Trek: Discovery without having a breakdown themselves.


Babylon 5 For The First Time

We are two veteran Star Trek podcasters watch Babylon 5 for the first time. Brent Allen and Jeff Akin search for Star Trek like messages in this series, deciding if they should have watched it sooner.


Grey 17 Podcast

Experience Babylon 5 for the first time all over again with the Grey 17 crew! Join a group of B5 super fans and complete newbies as we experience every episode of the landmark series.