US: Comet TV

US channel, calling itself "the true home of science fiction", will soon begin showing Babylon 5 as well as Space:1999. These classic shows add to its already stellar classic lineup.

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US: Amazon Prime Video

We heard via and other sources that Warner Bros have struck a deal to show Babylon 5 on Amazon Prime Video in the US only begining in July 2018.

In November 2020, a Remastered edition was listed on Amazon Prime for purchase. This is an AI upscale of the broadcast edition, so whilst it's not a reprint from the masters, it does look a lot better than the DVD editions.

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UK: Sky One

Sky One will begin showing the series from 9am on Monday 29th October. This is great news, since it's a much more watched channel than many other outlets that have been showing the series in the past. I'm really hoping there will be many new fans that find the show this way.

UK: Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime in the UK lists the "Remastered" edition for purchase. As above, its an improved version of the episodes formatted for broadcast, and is more vibrant than the previous edition.

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