Babylon 5 is a game-changing, ground breaking, emmy-award winning TV series that is in danger of becoming lost and forgotten.

We are not going to let that happen.

Please Join us and help #FreeBabylon5

Babylon 5 space station

Babylon 5 Now Streaming in the US!

This is the day we have been fighting for! Babylon 5 is now showing in the US on Go90. The #FreeBabylon5 campaign even got a mention in their promo advert which you can watch here.

Thank you Go90 for fulfilling our primary campaign goal and streaming Babylon 5 in the US.

Watch Babylon 5 Now — for Free! (US Only)

Babylon 5 Also Showing on Pick in the UK!

For the first time since it's original run 25 years ago, Babylon 5 is now showing not only on Go90 in the US, but on Pick in the UK as well!

If you're in the UK, you can watch the show by visiting the free channel from your set top box.

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25 Years On

Published on 23 February, 2018

Babylon 5 is now officially 25 years old. The @b5news Twitter account tweeted this: "Babylon 5's pilot movie, The Gathering, first aired…

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New to Babylon 5?

Babylon 5 has something for everyone. The story focuses on the relationships and entwined destinies of a multitude of charachters. Some find love, some face tragedy.

There are epic plotlines, rich alien cultures, and bucket loads of space battles.

Where to Watch
Babylon 5 space ships exiting a hyperspace vortex

Babylon 5 Movie Planned

Show creator JMS still plans to make a Babylon 5 movie.

Click here for more information.

Why is Babylon 5 Important?

Babylon 5 was a watershed moment for television.

It was the first sci-fi show to feature story arcs that continued past 2-hour specials. It was the first to use only computer-generated spaceship effects. Its story inspired a generation.

Without Babylon 5, there would probably be no Battlestar Galactica, no Firefly, and no Marvel Cinematic Universe.

But it's rarely on air anywhere and isn't shown on major internet TV services.

You can help change that.

About the Campaign
Some of Babylon 5's principal charachters including Commander Sheridan, Doctor Franklin and G'Kar

Babylon 5 in HD?

If you're a fan of the show, it's probably likely that you would love to Watch the show in gorgeous hi-definition. This sadly is more difficult that it might seem. A while ago, a technical explanation came to light ...

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