Why #FreeBabylon5?

Babylon 5 (or B5 for short) is a game-changing, ground breaking, emmy-award winning TV series.

For many years, it was in constant danger of becoming lost and forgotten.

We didn't let that happen. Here's the story of #FreeBabylon5

Latest News:

Blu-ray release coming December 2023

JMS has enthusiastically announced that the long-awaited Blu-Ray release of Babylon 5 will be released this December.

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Cast at SDCC 2023

Babylon 5 Cast Set for San Diego Comic-Con 2023

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The Road Home Trailer is Live!

Oh this is glorious. I've literally never seen Babylon 5, and all my favourite characters looking so good. Update! The trailer is on YouTube.

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Delenn, Garibaldi, G'kar, Franklin and Sheridan overlooking the station

Our Last, Best Hope.

The Babylon 5 writers, actors and community changed our lives. It changed TV forever.

This might be the last, best hope we have.

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Latest Videos and Podcasts

Videos from JMS' YouTube channel, as well as other videos from the community.

Blu-ray / HD Edition

Its is very unlikely that a blu-ray or hi definition version of Babylon 5 could ever be created. This recent discussion hilights the problem:

Why there's no blu-ray Edition

There is, however a remastered edition

Babylon 5

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