Babylon 5 is a game-changing, ground breaking, emmy-award winning TV series that is in danger of becoming lost and forgotten.

We are not going to let that happen. Please join us and help #FreeBabylon5

Reboot delayed by 1 year

JMS takes to Twitter to announce The CW is delaying the project – not indefinitely, but for a year.

Now Showing on Amazon Prime in the UK — Free (with ads)!

Ranger Sam Smith from the UK responded to our query in the #FreeBabylon5 Facebook group that Amazon Prime has the recently listed remastered edition of the 5 seasons on its "watch free with ads" scheme.

Variety: "Babylon 5 Reboot in Development at The CW"

Variety reports new series in development at The CW. It's a reboot, JMS to write & executive produce.

JMS Commentary on "And the Sky Full of Stars"

The first episode of season 1, "And the Sky full of Stars" is one of my all time favourites. Now you can hear comments from the show's creator directly on YouTube!

B5Events: "The Delicious" featuring Claudia Christian

Patricia Tallman's event company is hosting a special event with special guest star Claudia Christian.

Babylon 5 HBO Rewatch

AND SO IT BEGINS...AGAIN? Charlynn Schmiedt & Norman C. Lao kick-off their first #Babylon5 rewatch together with the HBO MAX "remastered" edition. Join them every Sunday starting 5/30 @ 3pm PDT / 6pm EDT for the greatest 5 season series story arc of all time!

B5Events presents “The Journey”

Andrea Thompson, who Babylon 5 fans remember fondly as the alluring telepath Talia Winters, is joining us for a B5Event 'The Journey', on April 17th at 10am PDT. Tickets are available on []. Early Bird price is $29.99 until April 10th!

Artist Tim Earls in need of help

One of the things I'm most proud about is being able to help members of the B5 cast and crew when they're in need. Now it's Tim Earls who has sadly fallen on difficult times. Can you help him?

B5 Events: Behind-The-Scenes Extravaganza!

B5 Events, a company owned by Babylon 5 alumni Patricia Tallman, is organising a "behind the scenes" convention. Her post on Facebook says: "Join me, Jason Davis and a stellar crew from Babylon 5 talking Behind The Scenes! Stories you have never heard, insights, jokes and well...who knows?"

Bruce Boxleitner on Review Nation

YouTube show Review Nation has posted a nearly 40 minute video interviewing Bruce Boxleitner about Babylon 5 and its new remastering and home at HBO Max, Mira Furlan and other castmates.

Mira Furlan

With the greatest sadness we have learned of the recent death of Mira Furlan. Mira brought such strength and compassion to the charachter of Delenn. As JMS writes, qualities that were already part of her nature. Here are some tributes by her fellow cast and others.

Streaming on HBO Max in January

Warner Media pressroom has released their hilights for HBO Max for January 2021 ... and Babylon 5 is coming to the streaming platform!

Blu-ray / HD Edition

Its is very unlikely that a blu-ray or hi definition version of Babylon 5 could ever be created. This recent discussion hilights the problem:

Why there's no blu-ray Edition

There is, however a remastered edition

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