Animated Movie by WB Announced

Phew. Babylon 5 is freed at last. We heard today with the rest of the world (although it has been teased many times by show creator Straczynski) that Warner Brothers (that in itself is a remarkable change in sentiment) are -- no, have -- bankrolled a new production of Babylon 5. All of the actors we know and love that haven't passed beyond the rim were included, although I'm personally very interested to hear who that consists of.

Full tweet thread here

No doubt our friends, bloggers, YouTubers and media channels will start things moving as soon as the official announcement goes out from WB in one weeks' time.

And although - finally - Babylon 5 may be free, we still need to get this thing noticed. "as an aside, if this does well there will be more animated movies, maybe on a regular basis--let the world and WB know and crush whatever's trending" says JMS

You know the drill by now ... hastag is:

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