The Art of Babylon 5

Posted on: 01 August, 2014

Want to know more about the work that went into the art and set design of Babylon 5? Here’s a video clip of the Art Directors Guild Panel from the San Diego Comic Con 2014. Participants include production designer John Iacovelli, art director Mark-Louis Walters, concept artist and set designer Timothy Earlsart, and graphic artist Alan Kobayashi.

The Art of Babylon 5 Panel at Comic Con 2014 from Art Directors Guild on Vimeo.

An extended version of this panel will also be held at the Egyptian Theatre on August 2nd with special guests, J. Michael Straczynski and Claudia Christian! This event comes with a screening of two great episodes, “The Coming of Shadows” and “Severed Dreams”. For more information on this event, please see the link below:



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