Artist Tim Earls in need of help

One of the things I really love about Babylon 5 is the community that's sprung up around the show. When I broke my hip a week ago, it was fellow Babylon 5 fans who were the first to reply to my tweets.

We've done a lot together through the years, and one of the things I'm most proud of is helping members of the cast and crew when they're in need. We donated to Richard Biggs' family when he passed away. We helped VFX artist Mojo in his time of need, and we donated to Ron Thornton's family after his passing.

Now it's Tim Earls who has sadly fallen on difficult times. A quick image search will show you some of the stages, virtual landscapes and ships he designed for Babylon 5. Sadly a downturn in work has meant his home is at risk.

Can you help? Anything you donate will no doubt show Tim you value the show and his contribution to it, as well as help him to stay afloat in this difficult time.

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