Babylon 5 fans everywhere, we need you!

Please flood social media with the hashtag #B5onCWin2023 to give every chance of seeing a new B5 series next year. JMS has all the details:

"The fate of the #Babylon5 pilot may be decided end of this month. Though much of @TheCW was bought by @NXSTMediaGroup the decision also rests heavily with @WarnerbrosTV. If fans want to show their support for B5 & let them know you want this to happen, now is the time #B5onCWin23"

Full tweet

We're repeating the signal all over the galaxy, not even the First Ones can ignore it.

Even Claudia Christian is taking part in the ongoing social media campaign.

It's #FreeBabylon5 all over again. Let's get to it!

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