Babylon 5 on Amazon Prime!

From a variety of sources comes this exciting news fans of Babylon 5 have been waiting for for years ... Babylon 5 will soon be showing on Amazon Prime!

Show creator JMS only found out when the rest of the world did, but posted the news straight to his Twitter feed, others also started tweeting at a similar time.

Sonuvagun...all five seasons of Babylon 5 will begin streaming on Amazon Prime next month. At last it's someplace where people can actually see the freaking thing and newcomers can find it while browsing.— J. Michael Straczynski (@straczynski) May 16, 2018

Pick & Go Stop Showing

Along with this news we hears that UK's Pick channel and Go in the US are stopping their reruns after all 5 seasons aired. Whilst this is sad news, hopefully more fans will be attracted to the show because of Amazon Prime's offering.

Analytics Uptick

In connection with this, I've seen a large uptick in the amount of visitors to this site over the past few weeks, probably as new fans try to find out if there's been a reboot or continuation of the series anywhere.

An uptick in visitors only goes to show how many people now want the show back, which will hopefully prompt Warner Bros to get something done.

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