Campaign Update May 2014

Posted on: 05 May, 2014

So, how is the campaign going?

We thought it would be nice to mention some of the results we’ve been getting from our site analytics recently.

This helps us to see where we are with the campaign and also might provide food for thought for those at Warner and other TV stations around the world to consider re-running Babylon 5 and getting blu-ray DVD sets into production.

Here’s an overview:

Our Audience

As you can see, we’re getting a steady stream of visitors to the site. That’s a total of 1,709 visits between 8 March – 4 May. That’s an overall increase of 74% new sessions. These visitors stayed an average of 1 minute 45 seconds with a bounce rate of 56.52% (a bounce rate means they left the site within 30 seconds of arriving).

Can anyone tell me why we had a huge spike on March 20? Whatever that was, it led to 182 visits.

It’s great to see that were still reaching new audiences, with 74% new visitors over the past two months. Every single fan involved in the campaign should be commended for finding new ways of spreading the word!


Where have our visitors come from? The printout from Google Analytics below demonstrates that we had most of our visitors direct. That’s 625 people who have either bookmarked the site, or typed it directly into the address bar of the browser. Hello to you!

This shows only the first 30 rows. There are many more. But we’re getting a load of visitors from Twitter (t.co in this list – which produced 125 clicks), where there are many active fans, and Facebook (94 visits).

Google search still accounts for 30.5% of our visitors, and we’re now appearing at the bottom of page 2 of Google results (I logged out of my Google accounts, so hopefully that’s accurate). This is a great achievement – now if any more of the “first ones” – fans that got into B5 from the initial run, but have been dormant – go looking for news about the series, they’ll find us easily.

It seems like someone on democraticunderground.com likes us – they have run a number of blog posts about the series which link to us and that generated 26 visitors.

Some great results that have come from everyones hard work. It may not seem like we’re making as much progress as we’d like. But if we stopped … what would happen? This series would never even have a chance.

One day, we will see results.

So let’s keep up the good work.

Can You Help?

If you’d like to get more involved in the campaign, we’re looking for volunteers to distribute buttons and other #FreeBabylon5 merchandise at scifi and comic conventions around the globe. Please contact Jan via Facebook for that.

There are also a number of ways you can help: please visit our “Join Us” page to see how you could have a valuable input in helping to #FreeBabylon5.


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