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Annette, much like me, is a fan who is not exactly “new”, but she hasn’t been a fan from the very beginning either.  Many of the fans I have become acquainted with over the past year can make this particular claim – Not First Ones, but ordinary flesh and blood folks, fighting in the Army of Light! But enough of my ramblings, let’s get on with what everyone wants to see, Annette’s interview:

I’m Annette, I’m 54 and I live in Amersfoort in The Netherlands. I work as a policy advisor at a university. In my spare time I’m studying towards a science degree (with focus on astrophysics).

I think you could say I’ve been a scifi fan all my life, as a child I watched Star Trek TOS when it first aired in the 60’s, and “Lost in Space” (with Bill Mumy as Will Robinson!).

My twitter handle is @AnnetteKroeze.

ANA:  When was the first time you watched Babylon 5 and how many times have you watched it since? How did you get into it?

ANNETTE:  I watched a few eps of B5 when it first aired, but didn’t really get into it then. I was more into Star Trek DS9 at the time (which I still love as well). I’d completely forgotten that B5 existed until 2009, when I went to FedCon (the biggest scifi convention in Europe). While standing in line for a photoshoot with Nichelle Nichols I started to chat with a German girl who was B5 fan. She was very enthusiastic and I decided I wanted to see the whole series. As soon as I got home I bought the dvd boxset with all 5 seasons, all the movies and the Lost Tales. By the time I got to the end of season 1 I was completely addicted.

ANA: So have you watched it more than once then? What in particular draws you to watching it again?

ANNETTE:  I watched B5 almost continuously for five years, every time I got to the end I just started again from the beginning. I lost count but I think I’ve watched it 8 or 9 times. After finishing my latest rewatch in January I decided I wanted to take a break and watch some other things (I’m currently into Doctor Who). But I’m sure I’ll get back to B5 again eventually.

ANA:  Wow a continuous loop of rewatches you had for a while there!  Do you have any favourite characters, episodes or moments in Babylon 5?

ANNETTE:  Favourite character: I have to say Delenn, because I’m such a huge fan of the actress who plays her, Mira Furlan. But actually, there are very few characters that I don’t like. G’Kar and Londo are amazing, Sheridan and Ivanova are great, and Vir, Marcus, Lennier …

My favourite episodes are “Comes the Inquisitor”, “Severed Dreams” and “Sleeping in Light”. All great episodes for Delenn. 🙂

ANA:  A big Delenn fan, you are!  Have you learned life lessons from watching B5?

ANNETTE:  I don’t know if I learned life lessons from the show, but the show has definitely enriched my life. I’d already discovered scifi conventions before I got into B5, but I became slightly (well, not so slightly) obsessed after that. I started going to conventions in the U.S. as well as in Europe, including the big Babylon 5 reunion convention in Phoenix last year and the one in Galveston (Space City Con) in the beginning of this year. I met all the cast members of B5 – the ones still with us – and I met many great people in the Babylon 5 fandom. Some of them became real friends. The last five years have been absolutely amazing!

ANA:  So it’s had a positive impact on your life overall! Which themes in Babylon 5 do you particularly like or dislike?

ANNETTE:  I like the religious themes in B5. Especially Jeffrey Sinclair’s story … but I can’t tell it here because it would be a big spoiler …

ANA: Yes, that’s a huge spoiler and a great arc! Which aspects of the story speak to you personally?

ANNETTE:  The way the relationship between G’Kar and Londo develops. How they go from hating each other to understanding and respecting each other and in the end become almost friends. Occasionally this happens in real life too and it tells me there is always hope. Change is always possible.

ANA: Agreed, the Londo and G’Kar relationship is amazing. Have you ever recommended Babylon 5 to anyone else? If so, would you do so again? Why or why not?

ANNETTE:  Well, it depends on the person … scifi is not everyone’s cup of tea. But whenever I know or find out someone likes scifi I immediately recommend it.

ANA:  What is your opinion about the #FreeBabylon5 Campaign?

ANNETTE:  I support the #FreeBabylon5 campaign because I think it’s important to get B5 back on television. I love to see new fans discover and enjoy this show I’ve grown to love so much. Also, new fans hopefully means the actors will keep getting invited to conventions, maybe even another big reunion convention for the 25th anniversary …

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