FedCon2013 – Dusseldorf Plan

@FreeBabylon5-FR have loads planned for FedCon 23:

The French #FreeBabylon5 Campaign’s Phase 3 will start within few weeks and this is at the same time the perfect way to boost international campaign. During Fedcon 23, 2 events will take place :

-Thursday May 29th 2014 at 12 : 30 pm. Fanmeeting between Babylon 5 fans and explanation on how Flashmob will happen, Saturday May 31st.

The Place : Room located downstairs the Gallery Bar, meeting point close to Klingons.

-Saturday May 31st at 6 : 15 pm. Flashmob (spontaneous gathering of people in a specific time and a specific place, with people doing the same movements for few minutes)

The Place : Meeting point in front of Classico Restaurant (if it’s rainy : the Flashmob will take place there. If it’s sunny : Flashmob will take place outside the hotel, exit left to Classico restaurant).

Other information : If you want to come with your Babylon 5 costumes, it’s highly recommanded !

You’ll find a poster and a flyer on the Media section of the #FreeBabylon5 France blog here: http://freebabylon5fr.blogspot.co.uk

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