#FreeBabylon5 France

We would like to congratulate French blogger and Babylon 5 fan @ripleyaeryn_ for helping to kick-start the #FreeBabylon5 campaign in France!

“After a global version of #FreeBabylon5 (which I didn’t launch), I decided it was time for French version to come in.” she comments on her blog, http://freebabylon5fr.blogspot.fr.

@ripleyaeryn_ states the campaign goals are: “Getting Babylon 5 aired in France on France 4 or Arte.” and to “Inform and support the other countries.”

@ripleyaeryn_’s blog informs us that there has already been a recent article on international French newspaper “Le Monde”‘s website which remembers fondly a dawn of a golden age of TV series.

If you are a viewer in France, or a French-speaking country, please visit the blog and see what you could do to help @ripleyaeryn_ get Babylon 5 back on French TV.

Great work @ripleyaeryn_, please keep us up-to-date with the latest campaign news from France!

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