Jerry Doyle Show Mention!

Jerry Doyle, who starred as Michael Garibaldi and was Babylon 5’s longest regular cast member, interviewed fellow B5 actor & director Stephen Furst (who played Londo’s diplomatic aid Vir Cotto) on his podcast radio show ‘The Jerry Doyle Show’ on Sunday night.

“I hope you didn’t miss the conversation with and Stephen Furst. We broke news on the #FreeBabylon5 question….” Doyle reported, although it actually seems like no news is good news:

“@FreeBabylon5 Did you know that neither of us had been contacted about a revamp of the show? No? That’s news. Just not the news we wanted.”, Jerry responded on Twitter, to a claim that nothing was said about Babylon 5 other than the two actors haven’t been contacted to reprise their roles.

Does that mean they know something’s up and they’re not allowed to talk about it? Was it just a red herring?

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