JMS: Support Chula Vista High School Foundation is dedicated not just as a portal for fans but also to help support those involved in making the show, in a way to say thank you for their hard work in making the series.

So it’s only fitting that we should reiterate this post here.

JMS has reached out to fans of Babylon 5 and upcoming TV series Sens8 to help Chula Vista High School Foundation, to support and help the next generation of writers and produceers

Full text of the post (for those not on Facebook):

“Very often, folks at conventions come up to me and ask if there’s anything they can do to show what the work I’ve done over the last thirty years has meant to them. If you are one of those, here’s a way that’s very personal to me.

I graduated Chula Vista High School in 1972 (when dinosaurs and Richard Nixon still walked the Earth). It was at CVHS that I first found teachers who believed in me, and a school that would help give voice to my abilities. The first small plays I wrote, were produced here for the school; the first short story I ever wrote was published in the school’s mimeographed magazine, Under the Sun.

CVHS has one of the best, and one of the only Visual and Performing Arts programs in the region, and probably the most loyal student, teacher and parental body to go with it. Kids who grow up going to CVHS send their kids on, generation after generation, because the faculty and staff are absolutely dedicated to their welfare and betterment.

I recently attended the CVHS Homecoming, where I spoke briefly during the festivities. What I found was that even staff and teachers who had retired knew not only all of the current students, they could tell you who their brothers and sisters were, who their parents were, and how all of them had fared and what they had done after leaving CVHS. And the students were as gracious and effusive about the staff as the staff were about them.

It was, for me, a very special place; and it remains, for those who currently attend, an equally special place.

Like most schools these days caught in the budget crunch of diminishing funds, they have had to reach out for help, relying on the kindness of strangers. Some of the programs they need funding for change lives. One such: renting a couple of buses so they can take senior students to a variety of universities to introduce them to the campus and staff, a program that leads most of those attending to actually apply and go to these universities. That’s just one example of what they do, and need help to continue doing; there are many others.

If my work has meant something to you, and as noted in the opening paragraph, you would like to give back in some way, then I would ask you to water the roots of the tree that birthed me as a writer, and give the next generation of writers, artists and dreamers a chance to find success. You can give as much or as little as you want and can afford. Every dollar will make a difference.

Feel free to pass this along to other Babylon 5 fans (and the fans who are about to sprout from Sense8).

Babylon 5 is about changing the future and making it a better place.

So is this.


Please visit Chula Vista Foundation on GoFundMe to help.

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