Let WB Know You’re a Fan!

When I posted a while back, I mentioned that the #FreeBabylon5 campaign had two goals:

– to get B5 available in reruns and/or subscription streaming AND

– to keep B5 alive in people’s minds

As I’m sure most people know by now, B5 is available in the US for free streaming on the Go90 site and app. This is *great* news since B5 hasn’t been available in the US since it went off of Netflix in mid-2011 or in any regular reruns for over a decade.

JMS posted a link from the Verified Babylon 5 Facebook page last night and mentioned that WB seems to have noticed the attention. I think we need to really get their attention!

Everybody who can, would you please go to the WB page linked above and leave a message including the following:

– Thank them for making B5 available in the US after so long.

– Ask if they would please make the Movies and Crusade available as well

– Mention that fans all over the world are clamoring to see Babylon 5 streaming again and ask that they might make it available to large international streaming services.

I think we’ve got the voices to make sure they know we appreciate what’s been done and would appreciate even more. Please folks, go to the Official Babylon 5 Facebook page and post!


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