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Posted on: 11 August, 2014

Following on from my interview with Ems last week, another new fan that I had the chance to interview recently is Dave.

David Heron, who is called Dave by his friends, is 25 and from Dublin. He is a lifetime lover of Sci-Fi Shows. He started with Star Trek: TNG and then continued to watch all 5 series and loves all 12 movies. His main Sci-Fi shows are Star Trek, Star Wars,Farscape, Battlestar Galactica, Stargate: SG1 and Stargate: Atlantis, and, of course, he has recently added Babylon 5 to this list.

Dave live tweets the Babylon 5 episodes he watches on his Twitter Account (@Davey_H) and loves to meet new Sci-Fi lovers and Trekkers. He started watching Babylon 5 on the 19th of July with The Gathering and is really enjoying it so far! He is currently on Season 4 Episode 11, Lines of communication.


ANA: Where did you first hear about Babylon 5 and why did you decide to watch the show?

DAVE: I first heard about Babylon 5 on twitter through all my twitter friends. We call ourselves the #NerdHerd. Were a group of sci-fi lovers who use twitter to share our love of all things Sci-Fi and Star Trek and Babylon5 dominated these discussions. To be able to take part and the love of B5 was so strong and very popular I made the decision to start watching and I haven’t regretted it since.

ANA: Are there any particular stand out moments or characters on the show for you? What makes these moments/characters stand out, in your opinion?

DAVE: There are quite a few stand out moments for me so rather than listing them all I’ll highlight two of my personal favourites. I think my all-time favourite moment comes from the Season 2 Episode “Acts of Sacrifice”. Ivanova has to take some drastic measures to make an Alliance with a new race and well she decides to have sex and then she proceeds to dance around singing a silly song! Boom Shobba Lobba Boom! It was so funny and I really enjoyed that as well as getting lots of laughs. I found it quite amusing. I love the Susan Ivanova character she is strong willed and stands up for what she believes no matter what the cost and I really admire her for that. Also Ivanova is GOD!!! My second is an awesome scene again from season 2 in the episode “Severed Dreams”, Delenn saves Babylon5 from Earth Force and gives an epic speech in the process and its Full Of Win!! I loved that. Those two are the best ones for me! Though Bablyon 5 has many many more.

ANA: Have you learned life lessons from watching B5?

DAVE: I have. I’ve learned the same lesson from watching B5 and of course Star Trek. Mutual understanding and respect for other cultures and societies. The idea where all humans for the most part can live in peace and harmony with themselves and other species, for the most part peacefully. Always try to embrace other cultures and ideals. Treat everyone as an equal. I like the idea that there is no prejudice and discrimination among human beings.

ANA: Have you noticed some themes of B5 that you like in particular?

DAVE: I think the main theme of the show is about fighting for your principles and beliefs. I think that Sheridan and Ivanova are the core of the group and they are always up against all the odds to fight for what they believe is right. I just really admire the crew of Babylon 5 making so many sacrifices and dealing with so many problems, while getting on with their lives and enjoying the time they share together. That struggle for survival is what really hits me. Although it’s so hard to pick on a few B5 has so many great character arcs! I’ve been shocked by many plots and story developments that it’s been a wild and fun ride through the Babylon5 universe so far. Can’t wait till I get to the end. The Ivanova & Talia arc I really enjoyed there was so many shockers during the Season 2 episode “Divided Loyalties” in particular was a major turning point for me. I liked the relationship between Ivanova and Talia it would’ve been awesome to see that explored in more detail.

ANA: Which aspects of the story speak to you as a person?

DAVE: For the main aspect of the story is the idea the all of the characters are mainly searching for their place in the universe. With all of the issues going in The Universe, with Shadow War, The Centauri War and the problems facing them from the regime in Earth Force. Each of the characters are all focused where do I fit in the big picture? It’s the individual struggles of the characters I find most appealing, how they deal with the stress of their jobs. The constant struggles they go through on a daily basis and trying to find themselves. I relate to that. I’m still trying to find myself and where I see myself in the big picture that is life and trying to find the place where I belong. So seeing these characters struggle through this too. Makes you feel more human and you get wrapped up in their lives like your living through the Wars and struggles with them. I loved the friendship that Garabaldi has with G’Kar, and the love/hate relationship of G’Kar and Londo. The character Marcus and the way he interacts with all the characters is great. But yes mainly it’s the search for one’s self that grabbed me the most.

ANA: Do you think you would recommend Babylon 5 to others? Why or why not?

DAVE: I would most definitely recommend Babylon 5 to a friend. For me having watched Star Trek first it’s similar to Deep Space Nine (DS9) but different as well. Has unique perspective. Also seeing so many Star Trek actors crossing over to the Universe and playing different roles and seeing more of them is Awesome! I think with everything that is going on in the world and the message that Babylon 5 carries is as strong and as poignant as it was 20 years ago. So many messages about mutual respect and understanding thrown in. I definitely think that Babylon 5 should be re-aired on the television or put up on Netflix or something. It’s as strong as Star Trek or Battlestar Galactica and has a great story to tell and I can’t wait to get to the end. #FreeBabylon5

ANA: Ah yes, #FreeBabylon5, what do you think about the campaign?

DAVE: I think the #FreeBabylon5 campaign is a very important one. It’s a show I think that definitely needs to either be re-aired or put on #Netflix or something. Shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Star Trek all 5 series even Stargate are being re-aired on various TV networks with the majority available through Netflix. I’m very much in strong favour of getting #Babylon5 back on TV screens across the Globe, although not every country has Netflix, it’s a great way of getting your shows to a lot of people. Also Amazon have their have own Video Streaming website to share TV shows and movies as well. I strongly believe that #Babylon5 needs to be re-shown. It carried the same messages and ideals as #StarTrek and that has been going strong for nearly 50 years. #Babylon5 needs to get the support that shows like Battlestar Galactica, Stargate and Star Trek have. #FreeBabylon5.


New fans of the show such as Dave, really do highlight the importance of the #FreeBabylon5 campaign. There is a message for anyone to get out of the show and much enjoyment to be had also. More fans proves that people are interested in Babylon 5 and gives us campaigners all the more reason to continue with our efforts.


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