New Fan Interview: Ems

One of the strengths of Babylon 5 is that it has characters and themes that remain as relevant today as when it first aired.  For this reason, it has a unique ability to attract and engross new fans, such

as Ems, who started watching the show in February of 2014 and has now almost completed Season 4.  She has also recently started doing reviews of the show on her Youtube channel,

Ems, who has been a long time Sci-Fi fan, particularly of Dr. Who and Star Trek, first heard about Babylon 5 in December 2013.  She was coming to the end of Star Trek: DS9 and was looking for something

similar to watch, when her mother suggested Babylon 5 as an option.

I recently had the opportunity to ask Ems a few questions about her journey through and her experiences with Babylon 5:

ANA:  Are there any particular stand out moments or characters on the show for you? What makes these moments/characters stand out, in your opinion?

EMS:  Obviously I haven’t finished watching the show just yet however some of the best stand out moments for me were when Delenn spoke out against Earth Alliance and also when Ivanova she defies the odds against Earth Force. I love that the show has great female characters!

ANA:  Have you learned life lessons from watching B5?

EMS:  Yes that you should stand up for what you believe in! Also that you should always listen to people otherwise you may get hurt.

ANA: Have you noticed some themes of B5 that you like in particular?

EMS: Yes, I love so many themes in B5! The first theme that really got my attention was when Delenn went through that change. I also love the Talia/Ivanova arc when her agent personality is released and how it affects Ivanova. As well as that, the Sinclair/Valen arc is amazing too and most recently I’ve been loving the B5 versus Earth Alliance arc where Sheridan attempts to free Earth and Mars and also whatever happened to Mr Garibaldi! I love them all basically!

ANA: Which aspects of the story speak to you as a person?

EMS:  I do feel for certain characters at certain times, for example Ivanova after Talia left. Quite a lot of Londo’s arc is relatable to me, getting what you desire and it not being quite the way you

expected. I also felt for Garibaldi during his time when he felt he couldn’t trust anyone. As well as pretty much everybody else at some point but they are the main ones.

ANA:  Do you think you would recommend Babylon 5 to others? Why or why not?

EMS: I would recommend it to any Trekkie (particularly a Niner as they are extremely similar) because they are very inclusive like the stuff in Star Trek!

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