New Resource for the Letter Writing Campaign

I just found a *great* resource for contacting North American TV stations to ask them to show Babylon 5!

With just a few clicks, you can locate the TV stations serving your area and contact them to ask for B5.

Here’s the letter I’m sending out to all of the stations in my area (and many more). Individual letters are best so make whatever you send personal to you.

———————— Sample ———————

Dear [insert programming director name if you can],

Babylon 5 hasn’t been seen on US televisions for over ten years. Yet the show is as meaningful to audiences today as it was when it first aired. Fans still talk about the show and tell friends about it and post on Facebook and Twitter and all of the other social media sites but when a potential new fan wants to check it out, there’s no place in the US where they can see it on TV reruns.

Acclaimed Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynsk (JMS)i is currently filming a high-profile show for Netflix (Sense8) with the Wachowskis of Matrix and Cloud Atlas fame due to be released in early 2015. There’s bound to be increased viewer interest in his past work. JMS also recently announced plans to write and film a Babylon 5 feature film in the next two years through his own Studio JMS.

With 5 seasons and several movies, Babylon 5 would make a great addition to any channel line-up. Please make it available to your viewers.


———————-Sample —————-

Let’s do this! JMS said a year ago (Yeah, a year ago!) that we should get loud and organized. This is a great way to get nice and loud!

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