Official Remasters Published

It really looks like this has happened, but without any fanfare or official announcement from Warner Brothers: Babylon 5 has been remastered!

The video above was posted by the YouTube user "StarTrek EliteForce Remastered" who has posted this video comparing the two editions, and there is a huge difference: colours are more vibrant and the picture is much cleaner and less grainy.

Some of the comments below the video suggest that this is an upscale (possibly using new AI technology) to the broadcast edition and not a re-print from the original masters, so they are 640 x 480, not widescreen.

Although the show was shot in widescreen, due to budget constraints the computer-generated graphics were  not produced to that aspect ratio, and it is clear from the video that the original CGI is in place.

Where can I get them?!

The new editions seem to be available on both Apple and Amazon Prime for purchase, but no information has been given about the possibility of a DVD release. Sadly, WB own the rights to everything B5 related, which means none of the show's original creators were likely involved in their production or have any inside information about such a release.

JMS Tweets:

"This appears to be a look at the "remastered" B5 eps on Itunes/Prime (for purchase). For me the biggest difference is the color range. The DVDs/digital until now were so washed out, after a while even I forgot how much vibrant color there was."

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