Remembering The Silly B5 Quote Conversation

Who of us remembers The B5 Silly Quote Conversation?

In the days before Facebook, faithful fan Jan M Schroeder started this thread (or conversation) on the JMS News Website (you can get to it via our [Jump Point section][1]), which is still running and has reached 491 pages and 7,360 individual posts!

Don’t you think this is significant, that in this day and age we have a TV show that fans are still getting together and quoting from on a regular basis?

If we’re honest, we love a good movie to be quotable. The more we feel motivated to quote from a movie, the more we demonstrate we love it. And it indicates how well it’s written too. For instance, we often find ourselves quoting Doctor Who (“Bow Ties are Cool!”, “Don’t Blink “) or Blade Runner, “2001” (“I’m sorry Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that”) or other books, films and TV that we’ve enjoyed over the years.

But it’s Babylon 5 that we quote from most of all, and sometimes accidentally (as Ben did in [this post][3], and only realised when someone pointed it out!). It’s as if the show has become part of our everyday grammar.

This thread on JMS News was a very entertaining, sometimes whacky, always insightful way to see how much people have been affected and entertained by the show. And how some people are able to twist the context of the words to fit into a humorous reinterpretation 😉

This thread is still running on the Forums, which I think is a great testament to the level of fan participation we have among B5 fans. Why don’t you stop by and join us?

Have you participated in The Silly B5 Quote Conversation? What have you enjoyed most about this kind of fan participation? Leave us a comment below!

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