Request Babylon 5 on MeTV

With thanks to Gabriela Kioupakis for this idea:

B5 Fans! It’s a new day and and new month and the start of a new campaign!

We’ve had some marvelous success so far – the show is currently rerunning on the UK’s Watch Channel and a few other European countries— it’s time to get loud again and repeat that success here, in the USA!

Q – Ah, are you talking to me?A – Yes, you and B5 fans everywhere.

Q – What do I have to do?A – Head over to MeTV’s Facebook page ( ), like it, and leave your location… For example:“Hello, MeTV. Boulder, Colorado likes you. Please add Babylon 5 to your lineup. http://freeb5:8888/ ! ‪#‎freebabylon5‬

Q – What if I’m not on Facebook?A – No problem. Head over to (when I go, it seems to know what area I am) and take a look around. Once you’re comfortable, use the ‘contact’ tab to share your thoughts and information… Like this (use your own words):“Hello, MeTV. He-man and the Masters of the Universe was one of my favorite cartoons growing up. Finding it again on KTVD, Denver has been a joy; the power of Greyskull, Get Smart, Night Gallery, The Twilight Zone, and many others, legends I now share with my children via MeTV’s stellar programing. Please consider adding Babylon 5 to your line-up. http://freeb5:8888/ #freebabylon5”

Their list of shows can be found here:

Q – I’ve heard that real, stamped letters help most. What about that?A – Yes, indeed! send your letter to:Me-TV Network26 N HalstedChicago, IL 60661

(Those of you who picked up envelopes from me at Wondercon last week already have a label to use.)

Lots of samples and parts of letters you can borrow on the website.

Q – Ok, when should I do these things?A – December 21st, 2014. As soon as you get up. Sunday, First day of winter. Shortest day of the year. Remember that, December 21.

Q – Anything else?A – Yes, spread the word, far and wide. Tell *everyone* you know, even if you don’t like them all that much. We need to flood MeTV’s website with valuable information and increase its Facebook ‘likes’ in a big, big way in order to get the kind of attention we’re after. Our strength is in our numbers. Collectively, we represent an untapped demographic, one capable of increasing MeTV’s viewership across all markets, nationally and around the globe. All we need to do is prove it.

Q – Does that mean I should forward this missive to my friends in Dubai?A – Yes, absolutely. MeTV has a number of streaming partnerships and is looking for an excuse to expand its catalog. All are welcome to participate.

Q – What about Twitter? Tumblr? Pinterest? Google+? Instagram?A – Yes, of course! Tweet, my pretties, tweet! and pin and post and December 21st is the day we Free Babylon5!

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