SDCC Fundraiser Update

Paraphrasing Mr. Bester, “…well, there’s really no delicate way to say this…I want your money.”

The #FreeBabylon5 presence at SDCC has two goals:

– Reach as many fans as possible in order to have them join us in taking action, and

– Try to get Warner Brothers’ attention (they always have a big booth at Comic-Con). This is our first opportunity to reach real people with the Corporation.

To do this, we need to really present the campaign as a force to be reckoned with and to give fans something to remember us by when they get home.

There are about 130,000 attendees at SDCC and I’d consider it a success if we can reach about 5,000 of them. To that end, I’ve put together a *very* preliminary budget and it looks like we need about $1,500 to make these goals a reality on that kind of scale. To date we’ve been running on donations from the wonderful B5 Books Team and a few generous fans. Now I need as many as you who can spare a few bucks to PayPal them via the Join Us page or contact me at for information on how to send a check (that’s also the PayPal email address if you want to donate directly that way.

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