Shout out for #FreeBabylon5 from JMS

JMS gave a shout out to our #FreeBabylon5 campaign while answering a fan’s question during the Spotlight panel at San Diego Comic-Con! The transcript can be found below:

Question from a fan: Can you tell us a little bit about the situation with the Babylon 5 streaming rights? How can we make that happen?

JMS: The streaming rights to Babylon 5 are with Warner Bros. and I have no fricking idea. Warner Bros. is like unto god, they both transcend all understanding so you’d have to talk to them about it. There’s been this whole Free Babylon 5 campaign, Jan Schroeder [started?]. And the cool thing is, Warner Bros. has been sitting on Babylon 5 reruns for ages and this whole campaign began and suddenly we’ve got the show back on the air in England, Germany, a bunch of other places… and it came not from Warner Bros., it came from the fans demanding to see this thing. And we hope eventually to get it out of Warner Bros. domestically.

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