The Reconstruction of Fallen Stars


When I began this project at the start of the campaign, I was so pleased Jan allowed me to build this site. It has proved to be a pivotal part of the campaign to #FreeBabylon5, and continues to be a key part of that ongoing desire that we Lurkers have.

As the years have gone by, I've striven to keep the site relevant with new content and to update the look and feel so that you always feel you want to come back and see what's going on with the campaign.

However, it's been a bit neglected for the past few years. I switched technologies a few times, so under the hood things have been a little turbulent, if not gradually getting better.

Now I'm on the home stretch. We've got a new CMS, and I'm building a new interface which will reflect the original style we had a lot more, and be cleaner and easier to use. At least I hope it will.

This site isn't going away, and I hope that you can keep coming back for more Babylon 5 related content and useful links as time goes on.

And, now more than ever ... Free Babylon 5!

- Ben

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