Thunderclap Report

Earlier this year fans of Babylon 5 organised a Thunderclap campaign to go out on January 15th. This report is a full analysis of what that campaign achieved.

Why Thunderclap?

Part of our aim as fans is to reach as many people as possible with the news of our campaign, for the simple reason of attracting more interest. More fans – and more active fans shouting about the show – equals more chance WB will do something positive about the show.

So we chose the Thunderclap website, which plugs into participant’s social media and sends out one blanket message to everyone at a specified time.

The Thunderclap page:

We chose the goal of having 100 supporters for the campaign. We aimed low, not knowing how many people would be willing to sign up for it.

By the time the thunderclap went out on 15th January, there were 547 supporters. Thank you very much to everyone who volunteered their time and social media accounts to support the campaign.


The results were astounding. We reached a staggering 191,470 people with the shoutout. A percentage of those people would have an interest in finding out more about the campaign, but I don’t think we could’ve hoped for better results than this.

The graph above shows the peak in visitors on that day, which eventually totalled 2,835. There were also many visitors the day after. Please bear in mind that I’m in the UK, so metrics are set to GMT rather than any US time zone. Therefore, a percentage of the 527 visitors who showed up on Saturday were probably visiting on Friday from the US.


As we expected, most visitors came from the US, but we were pleased to discover we have potential fans in many other parts of the world, too.

In the US we have most fans (and potential fans) in California (194), Texas (167), Florida (106), and New York (118).

If anyone can explain why we don’t have any fans in Wyoming, please let me know.

Don’t lose context here – we’re still getting 60% new visitors a day – we have many more people interested in Babylon 5 than those that were reached by the campaign. This article is concentrating on the success of that particular campaign.

Before the thunderclap went out, typical visitors to the site each day was around 20, with about 70% being new visitors. After the thunderclap, we’ve been getting around 45 hits a day. A great increase.

What Next?

The campaign has already had it’s first great success in UK’s [Watch channel][4] rerunning the series, and we have noticed that there is an increase in fan activity in the UK as a result.

What we do now is what we’ve got to decide. Please contact us on [Facebook][5] or via Twitter, and let us know if you have any ideas for how to increase the fan base, persuade the studios and get Babylon 5 back on the air.

The battle may have been won, but the war is far from over.

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