Variety: "Babylon 5 Reboot in Development at The CW"


Take a deep breath.

We don't want to get too excited now do we? After all, we've been here before, haven't we? And remember, we're all a little older now, and our little hearts have been beating rapidly as it is. Also, those are new pants.

Variety. That's not some hokum, unreliable CGI artist's facebook page.

Variety. This carries weight. Check out some of those words: in development. JMS on board as writer, executive producer. reboot.

Breathe people.


It's not gonna be our show. Andreas, Mira, Jerry ... it's not them. But I tell you one thing, JMS is going to honour what they achieved. JMS is going to honour them. That is for certain.

Let's wait ... let's see if this really will happen.

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