WonderCon 2015: The Art Dept of Babylon 5 Reunites

Posted on: 30 March, 2015

B5 fans going to WonderCon in AnaheimCA next week, here’s a chance to hear about the art of Babylon 5 from John Iacovelli, and several other team members next Saturday:

The Art Department of Babylon 5 Reunites

Fans will have a chance to hear from the people responsible for the look of this iconic show. John Iacovelli (production designer) will lead this panel in a discussion of how they were able to keep things fresh through 110 episodes and 6 TV movies. Panelists include Mark-Louis Walters (art director), Roland Rosenkrantz (art director), Dark Hoffman (prop designer and prop master), Timothy Earls (set designer), and Luc Mayrand (illustrator).

Saturday April 4, 2015 5:30pm – 6:30pm

Room 213

(Featured Image: © Comic Con International)


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