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Now Showing on Amazon Prime in the UK — Free (with ads)!

Ranger Sam Smith from the UK responded to our query in the #FreeBabylon5 Facebook group that Amazon Prime has the recently listed remastered edition of the 5 seasons on its "watch free with ads" scheme.

JMS Commentary on "And the Sky Full of Stars"

The first episode of season 1, "And the Sky full of Stars" is one of my all time favourites. Now you can hear comments from the show's creator directly on YouTube!

Streaming on HBO Max in January

Warner Media pressroom has released their hilights for HBO Max for January 2021 ... and Babylon 5 is coming to the streaming platform!

Babylon 5 back on in Germany

Ranger Marion reports that B5 is showing again on Tele 5 channel in Germany. Thanks for the information!

B5 Back on TV in the UK!

Boy oh boy, it seems as if we're making some noise. Babylon 5 will start showing on UK's Sky One channel from 9:00am Mon 29 Oct. It's also showing on several other channels across Sky's network, including Sky HD. Although that one's hard to figure out, since no HD version exists. Full listings are here: TV Guide - Babylon 5 [https://www.tvguide.co.uk/titlesearch.asp?title=Babylon+5]

Babylon 5 To Show on Comet TV in US

Along with some other classic sci fi series, Comet TV in the US will shortly start showing Babylon 5: > COMET ALERT! *** COMET ALERT! *** BABYLON 5 & SPACE 1999 ARE COMING TO COMET! The true home of science fiction television brings these classic series back to the airwaves! Space Out! https://t.co/0KZKtOibfD #BABYLON5 [https://twitter.com/hashtag/BABYLON5?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw] #SPACE1999 [https://twitter.com/hashtag/SPACE1999?src=hash&ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw] #SCIFI [https://twitter.com/ha

Babylon 5 Now on Amazon Prime in US!

It's June 1 and Amazon Prime is now carrying Babylon 5 - but apparently only in the US (with a glitch). Non-US folks, today is the perfect day to contact Amazon in your region and ask for Babylon 5! It's a good bet that they're aware of what new shows have just come on in other regions so hearing from you now is perfect timing. US folks, Today's also the perfect day to contact Amazon to thank them for B5 - and remind them that season 3 needs the switch flipped to make it included in Prime - a

Babylon 5 on Amazon Prime!

From a variety of sources comes this exciting news fans of Babylon 5 have been waiting for for years ... Babylon 5 will soon be showing on Amazon Prime! Show creator JMS only found out when the rest of the world did, but posted the news straight to his Twitter feed, others also started tweeting at a similar time. Sonuvagun...all five seasons of Babylon 5 will begin streaming on Amazon Prime next month. At last it's someplace where people can actually see the freaking thing and newcomers can fi

Babylon 5 Now Showing On UK's Pick Channel, Weekdays 7PM

This is an update on our previous post about Babylon 5 showing in the UK. Viewers Janette, Gaz and Gary have found that the series starts on Monday 13th November at 7pm UK time. Pick did release a trailer yesterday, here it is in full glory: Babylon 5, one of the best sci-fi series of all time (unless you’re one of those people who argue for DS9) is coming to @pick_TV [https://twitter.com/Pick_TV?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw]! Start the entire series from tonight at 7pm. pic.twitter.com/jn4C4qHkzd [htt

Babylon 5 on New Zealand’s The Zone

Exciting news from New Zealand as Babylon 5 begins screening on New Zealand’s channel The Zone. We don’t have any details of what day / time it’ll be on but I’m hoping if you are in NZ you’ll be able to find out …

Babylon 5 Back on UK’s Watch Channel!

(Via facebook.com/FreeBabylon5 [https://www.facebook.com/FreeBabylon5]) Babylon 5 will be back on UK’s WATCH  on September 15th! More information can be found on the Watch Channel’s Babylon 5 page [http://watch.uktv.co.uk/shows/babylon-5/]! There’s a Babylon 5 quiz there too!

UKTV’s Watch Channel Rerunning B5 From Season 1

UKTV’s Watch [http://watch.uktv.co.uk/shows/babylon-5/] faithfully re-ran the whole of Babylon 5, including “The Lost Tales”, and finished last week. But … the channel is starting a re-run straight away, weekdays at 5pm. It might be a good opportunity to mention this to newbies or others who might be interested in catching the show for the first time. #FreeBabylon5! The reruns started on Monday, 24th April. Next episode is tonight at 5pm, S1E2, ‘Soul Hunter’. View on Watch Channel Website »


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